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Biblical Times Dinner Theater and Show

Moses Mountain of God is a unique Biblical production that combines live performers with amazing holograph technology. Combining two shows in one, the first half has our Award Winning cast singing a variety of gospel and humorous songs, along with sharing their personal testimonies, while you are being served a 7 item feast of Biblical proportions. The second half is the Biblical portion of the production with original music and holograph technology that is presented as you have never seen or heard before.

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The story of faith and miracles is told through the eyes of Moses' assistant commander, Joshua. The message of this story is that the same lessons of faith that Israel learned in preparing for the crossing over into the Promised Land are the same lessons for us in our daily walk. Lessons that will help prepare us for crossing over to Glory with the soon return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Although our production is completely Biblically based and taken from the King James Version of the Bible, we have incorporated the latest discoveries about the actual site of Moses' Mountain of God.

Come join us for an Epic Story served with an Epic Feast, both of Biblical Proportions!

Shows and Dates to Remember:

(Matinee Schedule)
July 8 Matinee 12pm Show Time
July 26 Matinee 1pm Show Time
September 23-27 Matinee 1pm Show Time
November 4 - January 1 Matinee 2pm Show Time, Shows on Tuesdays & Thursdays
December 27 Matinee 2pm Show Time
January 3 Matinee 2pm Show Time

Christmas Show begins Nov. 1st - January 3rd, 6pm show time.